What pmt method do you accept?
We accept cheques(for deposit only), cash or e-transfer.

When can we view the puppies?
Puppies can be viewed at 3 weeks old.

When can I pick my puppy?
Puppy picks are done after the six week old vet check.

Have labs ever been known to attack children or adults?
Although we have never had or heard of an attack from our labs or any others, one should always remember that dogs are only animals acting on instinct. Labrador Retrievers are one of the highest rated breeds for family pets and are very good with children. They are highly intelligent and willing to please.

What things do I need for my new puppy?
We suggest a large breed crate or enclosure, a pet bed, a water and food dish, TLC Petfood delivered before your puppy’s arrival, good quality chew toys, a good vet and lots of LOVE